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Chateau La Thuiliere - South France

The most gorgeous wedding, 

                       at the most gorgeous venue,

                                                  on the most gorgeous day!

On one of the hottest days In July 2018 I had the pleasure of traveling to the beautiful Chateau Thuiliere in the South of France for Tim and Stephanie's Wedding! Since I'm slightly mad, I decided the best way to travel would be to drive, thus allowing me to get all my equipment and extras! 















I performed throughout their whole day. Beginning outside the front chateau for a beautiful and intimate ceremony under the blazing sunshine without a cloud in the sky!

The guests & I then moved over across the grounds to the pool area for the drinks reception where I performed acoustic background music during photos and champagne. 

After drinks the guests took their seats for the meal and some stunning local wines! And some fantastic speeches!

As the sun began to set behind the Chateau, I performed their first dance 'X O by John Mayer' continuing with dancing to all their favourites and classics. I also provided the DJ service and finished the night with my Light Up LED Saxophone performing all the Ibiza classics under the stars!

A fantastic and memorable wedding from start to finish. Tim & Steph couldn't be a more perfect couple for each other and I was honoured to be such a big part of their day!

Chateau La Thuiliere Wedding Singer
Chateau La Thuiliere Wedding Breakfast

Photos below by the fantastic Sean Elliot Photography

Wedding Singer Destination Wedding France
Andy Usher LEDSAX South of France
Andy Usher Light Up Sax south of france wedding
Light Up Sax player Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding Bordeaux Wedding Singer
Destination Wedding Singer South of France
Light Up Sax France Wedding.jpg
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