Andy Usher - Singer, Guitarist & Saxophonist

The Perfect Music for your Wedding or Event!


Whether you are looking for a relaxed acoustic live music during your daytime as a soloist. A chilled out Ibiza Drinks Reception. A lively party atmosphere with my band, or a Ibiza Party & Rave with Light Up Sax & Bongos! I can cater for all events and occasions!

I am a professional multi-instrumentalist & singer. I have performed across the UK and throughout Europe as a Vocalist, Guitarist & Saxophonist.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon.

Get in touch now for your bespoke evening of Live Music with Andy Usher -

Wedding Ceremony
Ibiza Sax
Evening Reception
New video coming this week! #studio #aco
Drinks Reception


Upcoming Events


Fri 2nd - Sax at Tiger Hornsby 9pm

Sat 3rd - Solo Wedding Lartington Hall
Sat 3rd - Band Wedding - J'avisons

Sun 4th - Solo Botanist - 2pm

Fri 9th - Wedding Ceremony - Middleton Lodge

Fri 9th - Solo Piano Colonel Porters 6pm

Sat 10th - AUBand Whitby

Fri 16th - AUTrio Botanist 9pm

Sat 17th AUBand - Wedding Black Horse

Tues 20th - Live Sax Event

Wed 21st - Solo Botanist 7:30pm

Thursday 22nd - Wedding Woodhill Hall

Friday 23rd - Private Party - Leicester

Saturday 24th - AUBand Wedding Morpeth

Sunday 25th - AUTrio Botanist 9pm


Fri 30th - Daytime & Band Wedding - Spanish City 

Sat 31st - Sax/DJ event York


Sunday 1st : Solo Acoustic Botanist 7:30pm
Friday 6th : SAXDJ wedding Village Hotel
Sat 7th : J'avison Wedding Woodhill Hall
Sun 8th : AUTrio Wedding at Newton Hall

Mon 9th : SAXDJ Wedding at Newton Hall

Fri 13th : SAXDJ Wedding in DEVON

Sun 15th : Solo Piano Colonel Porters 4pm

Wed 18th : Solo Acoustic Botanist 7:30pm

Fri 27th : SAX at Tiger Hornsby 9pm

Sat 28th : SAXDJ Wedding in Cheshire
Sun 29th : Solo Piano at Colonel Porters 4pm

 Singer, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Live Band, Pro DJ, Light up Sax

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Light Up Sax France Wedding