Andy Usher - Singer, Guitarist & Saxophonist

The Perfect Music for your Wedding or Event!

Whether you are looking for a relaxed acoustic live music during your daytime as a soloist. A chilled out Ibiza Drinks Reception. A lively party atmosphere with my band, or a Ibiza Party & Rave with Light Up Sax & Bongos! I can cater for all events and occasions!

I am a professional multi-instrumentalist & singer. I have performed across the UK and throughout Europe as a Vocalist, Guitarist & Saxophonist.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon.

Get in touch now for your bespoke evening of Live Music with Andy Usher -

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The Best Backing Tracks on YouTube! Improve your playing and get creative! The tracks are also available to buy from Bandcamp!

 Singer, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Live Band, Pro DJ, Light up Sax

New video coming this week! #studio #aco
Drinks Reception
Wedding Ceremony
Evening Reception
Ibiza Sax


Upcoming Events


Wed 8th - Solo Botanist 7:30pm

Friday 10th - Piano Leila Lily's 7:30pm

Sat 11th - AUTrio Botanist - 9pm

Sun 12th - SAX Tiger Hornsby 9pm

Friday 17th - Private Party

Sat 18th - Private Party

Friday 24th - AUTrio Botanist- 9pm

Sat 25th - Piano Leila Lily's 6:30pm

Sat 25th - SAX Tiger Hornsby 9pm

Sun 26th - Piano Colonel Porters 4pm

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